In sterling silver, available also with 14k gold exterior as photographed. Also available with exterior plated. Dimensions -- 2"x1.3"x.4". Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of fortune, beauty and wisdom -- the perfect deity to grace a charm box. Custom “wish" charms with various words (luck, money, travel, love, etc) available to place inside.

Tree Pendants

Available in two sizes - small (1.4 inch diameter) at $250, and large (2.5 inch diameter) at $425. Large also available as a Belt or a Belt Buckle as custom order. While travelling in India, I came across a beautiful “painting" which was not a painting at all but rather an image cut from paper to reveal a contrasting background. Combining the Indian technique with my favorite African tree brought this pendant into being. Also available in gold or gold plating.

Rose Pendant

Diameter 1.7 inches.

Mandala Pendant

Diameter 1.7 inches. Tibetan Buddhists create stunningly complex sand mandalas only to destroy them, disseminating them to the wind once they are complete. In a world of impermanence, the mandala pendant reminds us of the few constants in life that allow us to keep our bearings, even if those constants are only the sun, the moon and the stars.

Ganesha Pendant

Diameter 1.7 inches. Ganesha is the elephant-headed Hindu god blessed with the power to remove obstacles. A truly empowering pendant.

Flower of Life Pendant

Diameter 1.8 inches. Within the sacred geometry of this image are said to lie the mysteries of life, a representation of the connections between space, time and all sentient beings.

Totem Silhouette Pendants

Roughly 1 inch by 1 inch, depending upon animal’s proportions. Upon my return from a wondrous safari in Kenya, I sought a way to embue myself with the unique powers of the animals I encountered. Custom animals available upon request.

Ohm Pendant

Roughly 1 inch by 1 inch.


Sterling Silver, Hollow Construction. Faced with what felt like an endless pile of daunting tasks and responsibilities, I made this pendant to remind myself of the strong and steady beat of the drum – the perfect metric to pace any kind of personal work.

Giraffe Dogtag Pendant

The giraffe carries great totem energy – beauty, grace, kindness, and the ability and thoughtfulness to warn fellow creatures of danger on the horizon. Sterling silver with 18k gold plating.

Rhinocerous Pendant

1.25 inches by 1.5 inches. Timeless power. The one and only time I came face to face with a rhinocerous in Africa, I felt as if I was staring at a dinosaur, displaced by time and space. As a totem, the rhinocerous reminds us of the eternal nature of our soul, those aspects of us which do not change over time.

Sword Pendant

Sterling Silver, 18K gold bezel, Ruby. I created this pendant for a friend who was facing some rather daunting obstacles and who needed to gather all of her energy together to at once protect herself and fight for her cause. Afterwards, I realized that we all might benefit from the talismanic power of the sword.

Sun Pendant

Sterling Silver. 1.8 inch diameter. A whimsical and sculptural pendant to warm and brighten gloomy days and to celebrate beautiful ones.

North Node/Horseshoe Necklace (single)

Most people are familiar with the symbol of the lucky horse shoe, but fewer are familiar with the north node – the highest destiny to which an individual should aspire – of astrology. Either way, a useful talisman with which to adorn one’s neck. Appropriate for both sexes.

Large Faceted Stone Pendants

Sterling Silver with your choice of stone. Pictured: Fire opal, topaz, smokey quartz and spudomene.

13 Gate Topaz Pendant

While in Mexico, I once participated in a Temezcal - a traditional sweat lodge ceremony. Over the course of the ritual, the shaman guides you through 13 gates of ascension. My group only made it through nine, but it's my hope that this pendant catapults the wearer through the remaining four gates.