Diamond Necklace

The perfect union of symmetry and repeated form. Each diamond is hollow, thus though the piece appears quite weighty, it is in reality very light and comfortable.

Garnet Petal Necklace

A sleek interpretation of ancient Egyptian collars, perfect for modern life.

Apple Trees

A strong yet whimsical ode to the apple tree and our undying quest for knowledge.

Orchid Branch

Staring at a beautiful branch of orchids one day, I found myself entranced by their construction and attempted to mimic it. Each branch is hand-fabricated, and no two are exactly alike.

Horseshoe Necklace

Most people are familiar with the symbol of the lucky horse shoe, but fewer are familiar with the north node – the highest destiny to which an individual should aspire – of astrology. Either way, a useful talisman with which to adorn one’s neck.

Pebbles Necklace

This necklace reminds me of river rocks that grow only smoother and shinier with age and the incessant tumbling of nature’s forces. Appropriate for both sexes.

Tribal Bead Necklace

Three beads, originally formed from recycled silver scraps. Appropriate for both sexes.

Square Chain

A striking tribute to geometric form. Available in custom lengths.

Star Chain

Silver stars provide a dash of whimsy for day or night.

Tourmeline Necklace

A chain of irregularly shaped and multi-colored tourmeline cabs to encircle your neck.