Dinosaur Cufflinks

I love cufflinks which are at once masculine and playful. A tribute to the curiosity and wonderment of boyhood.

North Node/Horseshoe Necklace (single)

Most people are familiar with the symbol of the lucky horse shoe, but fewer are familiar with the north node – the highest destiny to which an individual should aspire – of astrology. Either way, a useful talisman with which to adorn one’s neck. Appropriate for both sexes.

Tribal Bead Necklace

Three beads, originally formed from recycled silver scraps. Appropriate for both sexes.

Pebbles Necklace

This necklace reminds me of river rocks that grow only smoother and shinier with age and the incessant tumbling of nature’s forces. Appropriate for both sexes.

Surf Cuff

Custom sizing recommended. Appropriate for both sexes.