Feathers and Leaves

2.4 inches by 3 inches long. Gold, inquire for pricing. Each pair of earrings is hand-fabricated. The combination of delicacy and scale prohibits any type of casting or mold-making process. Each pair has its own personality and energy. I can customize length and width to suit various neck lengths and preferences.

Star Dangles

3.6 inches long. Beautiful shoulder dusters, equally perfect for casual affairs or elegant occasions.

Agnostic Cross Earrings

3" x 1.2". Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, it is difficult to deny the inherent beauty in crosses or what the Native Americans refer to as four directional signs. I intended these earrings as a non-denominational tribute to the divine.

Dancing Leg Hoops

Hand-forged hoops adorned with shoulder-dusting legs to tap dance in the light with your movements.

Pyramid Dangles

Cascading columns of hollow pyramids – the union of power and beauty.

Pyramid Earrings

2 inch diameter. The perfect compliment to both the pyramid cuff and ring.

Massai Earrings

2.25 inches long, .6 inches wide. The night before I had to face a rather unpleasant legal altercation with a former employer, I decided I needed something that would assist me in harnessing my warrior energy. These earrings were the result.

Quilted Hoops

2 inch diameter, 1.2 inch wide. The perfect complement to the quilted cuff, or beautiful on their own as an alternative to plain silver hoops.

Moroccan Dangles

Due to the scale of these earrings, I chose to make them with clip backs as an offering to suffering ear lobes everywhere. Upon request I will happily make them in a pierced version with lighter guage silver. They can also be scaled down for a more subtle effect.

Moon Dangles

Frame your face and neck with triplets of crescent moons cascading to your shoulders.

Granulated Hoops

Simple but eye-catching hoops. Available in other diameters as well.

Moroccan Chandelier Earrings

I have a very vague memory of some chandelier earrings that a very elderly relative used to wear when I was about a year and a half old. These earrings represent my best attempt to recreate them.