Tribal Ruffle Bracelet

One of my first recycled pieces, I found myself contemplating my growing stack of silver scraps and set to work to hand fabricate them into individual beads. See also the Tribal Bead Necklace for a less substantial alternative.

Cross Bangles

2.7 inch diameter. Available with and without stones.

Stars Bangle

Sterling Silver. 2.7 inch diameter. Encircle yourself with the light and radiance of the stars.

Giraffe Cuff

Assymetrical, irregular, perfectly mosaiqued – after a trip to Africa, I couldn’t help but want to slip the giraffe’s spots onto my arm in the form of a cuff.

Forged Cuff, protruding at waist

Hand-forged from fine silver to create beautiful slopes and curves.

Safari Bracelet

At once strong and whimsical, the safari bracelet embodies the wonder and delight of the African experience.

Amethyst Links

Six checkerboard-cut amethysts float each in their own hollow box to form this link bracelet.

Bark Cuff

The companion piece to the bark rings, this cuff is available in bronze or silver.

Day of the Dead Bracelet

Charms are 1 inch long and chain is 8 inches long. Rebirth, renewal, transformation and spirit. A beautiful tribute to the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Winding Path Cuff

2.7 inches wide. This cuff was originally hand-pierced and sawed form a sheet of silver in accordance with a drawing I began which took on a life of its own. The design does not rely on repetition or symmetry and as such is a metaphor for life – we are free to wind and carve our own paths so long as we stay within certain ample boundaries. Available with vermeil-quality gold plating as well.

Hammered Cuffs

A timeless classic, each bracelet is hand-crafted and hammered. Bracelets made to order, custom widths on request.

Quilted Cuff

2.25 inches wide. Conceived as an homage to a certain French designer fond of quilting, each cuff is worked by hand through chasing and repoussee.

This piece can be made to suit particular dimensions as each is entirely handcrafted.

Four Petaled Cuff with Trim

2.5 inches wide. The vision for this bracelet came to me during a rare beach respite this January in between blizzards. Since, it has become one of my favorite pieces. It feels as if it were born old, wise beyond its years.

Lovebird Cuff or Bangle

This motif was inspired by a 1920s Mexican textile.

Whip Stitch Cuff

Leather lends its warmth to a simple silver cuff.

Surf Cuff

Custom sizing recommended. Appropriate for both sexes.

Topaz Starry Night Cuff

A constellation fashioned for your wrist. Due to the heavy guage of silver used in construction, each cuff will be tailor made to fit.

Tourmeline Stack Bracelets

Sterling Silver triangle wire with tourmeline of various shapes and colors. Also available in 14k or 18k gold.

Flower Cuff

An airy and lightweight silver cuff, playing off the motifs of sacred geometry and nature.

Granule Cuff

Inspired by the intricate beadwork of the Massai in Kenya, I created this cuff.