While on vacation in Mexico a couple years ago, I met an astrologer who reminded me that our sun sign gives us a description not necessarily of our personality, but of how we should behave in order to reenergize and revive ourselves when our energy is low. Wearing these pendants is a wonderful way to remind us where our centers are. 2 inch diameter, .3 inch height.


The most enthusiastic and excitable sign in the zodiac, Aries harnesses the energy of ignition and fire.


Determined and tenacious, Taurus has a deep-seated love for art, beauty and the earth and knows how to pursue and protect that which it desires.


Curious, mentally energetic and social, Gemini flexes and adapts to any situation, shapeshifting and moving through life without the burdens of dogma or bias.


The original goddess energy, Cancer devotes itself to creativity and nurturing that which it has brought forth into the world.


Contagious charm and vigor for life glisten in the curls of Leo's fire dancing ethos.


"My body is a temple and I am divine" knows no sign better than Virgo.


Manifesting grace and harmony, Libra paves a road by which to navigate the duality and polarity of the universe.


The butterfly and the phoenix, predestined for transformation and rebirth, Scorpio brings alchemy and wonder into the battle against stasis.


"All things in moderation including moderation". So says Sagittarius as it strives to leave no mountain unclimbed, no book unread, no party unattended, and no glass half full.


While some are content to dream, Capricorn transforms dreams into blueprints, manifesting their reveries into achievements and masterpieces.


Like nature's antennae, Aquarius receives sparks of divine inspiration and insight from the beyond, translating them into innovation and insight.


Pisces thrives by escaping the confines of the body to merge with the divine, returning later to translate the experience into material form so that others can partake of the beauty it knows.